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Ansley Public Schools

MNAC Tourney Pairings

MNAC Girls MNAC Boys

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History/Science Fair

  The time has come to start your science or history project for the Science Fair that will begin on March 11, 2019.  Projects are due March 7th at the school. Tri-fold boards are for sale in the school library for $5 each. EVERY project must be presented with a tri-fold board. These boards come in yellow, green, red, blue, and black and are first come first serve. Please contact your classroom teachers for topics.  

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Pre-K is busy making snowmen

The Pre-K classroom has been busy making snowmen.  While some of these students probably also made snowmen outside, these were done inside with paint.    

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Thank You Mr. Reed and Mr. Johnson

The Ansley Public School system would like to express its appreciation to Paul Johnson and Gail Reed for their years of service on the Ansley School Board. Both members were presented with laser engraved plaques for their dedication to making Ansley Public Schools the best it can be. Thank you again, Mr. Reed and Mr. Johnson.  

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Enrichment Day Escape Room Results

The first day back from school had an interesting twist for many APS students. They were tasked with defusing a FAKE device that would emit poisonous gas after 20 minutes. The students were led through an escape room scenario. Some prevailed, some did not, and some tried to cheat their way through. Many good ideas to solve problems were used, and while many did not work, others did. All in all, three groups survived. Congratulations to . . .

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Home Activities will be on YouTube.

We have been testing a video delivery medium, and hope that all the bugs have been worked out. So now, you will be able to enjoy home activities at Litchfield or Ansley in the comfort of your own home through YouTube. You can subscribe to the Ansley Litchfield Spartans YouTube channel. We will continue to work to make this service better, but it is a way to enjoy the activities even if you can't make it to the gym. . . .

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Welcome to the Ansley Student Newsletter!

Every two weeks, students from Ansley's Digital Media class will be putting together articles for the digital newspaper. These will be stories, reviews and polls designed and authored by students. Please take a minute to look through what our kids have put together.

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Geometry Happenings

The geometry class is studying congruent figures.  They recently conducted an investigation to determine whether certain transformations were rigid motions, or isometries.  They transformed geometric figures in the coordinate plane by translating, reflecting, and rotating them.  They found that these types of transformations do preserve the shape and the size of the geometric figures.  Transformations that preserve . . .

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Ag Students share knowledge.

The Ag Leadership class has enjoyed spending time in elementary classrooms sharing lessons about agriculture. Here they are with Ms. Horn and the first graders. The first graders learned about the parts of vegetables that can be eaten!    The Ag Leadership class is sharing an activity called Cornhusker Necklace with Ms. Cozad's third grade class. This activity is similar to an activity the third . . .

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