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Ansley Public Schools

  • Yearbook Information

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  • Summer Weight Room Program Information

    With permission from the Governor’s office, our local health department, and under guidelines set by the CDC and the NSAA, schools have been granted the permission to open weight rooms to students beginning June 1, 2020.  The following information will pertain to our plan for opening the weight room and is subject to change based upon the directed health measures sent out by our local health department. More information from the NSAA will be released after their board meeting on May 21st. We will inform you as information becomes available.


    Dates of attendance: 

    June 1,2,4 - June 8,9,11 - June 15,16,18 - June 22, 23, 25 - June 29, 30, July 2 - July 6,7,9 - July 13,14,16 - July 20,21,23 - July 27,28,30


    General Guidelines:

    1. There is a limit to 10 student athletes and 1 coach to each area.  No children or siblings of students are allowed to attend the sessions.  A 6-foot spacing will need to be maintained at all times.
    2. Groups will be mixed gender.
    3. Activities/drills are designed by our coaching staff and will be consistent among the groups.  These sessions will be designed by our coaches to focus on conditioning and strength training activities that will benefit student-participants in all activities.  There will be no sport specific drills or activities performed at this time.  
    4. You will be assigned one of the following time slots for the weight room:

    7:00 AM - 7:45 AM,

    7:45 AM - 8:30 AM,

    8:30 AM - 9:15 AM.


    You will be assigned a time slot for speed & agility:

    7:45 AM - 8:15 AM

    8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

    9:15 AM - 9:45 AM


    Only students assigned to a specific time slot will be allowed to attend at that time.  If you miss your assigned time, you will not be allowed to attend at a different time.  All students for a specific time frame will need to enter and exit on time. 

    1. Sessions will involve approximately 45 minutes of stretching, conditioning drills, and/or lifting and 30 minutes of speed and agility workshops.



    Daily procedures:

    1. Doors will remain locked until the session begins and will be locked after the group enters. If you are late you will miss your session for the day.
    2. Students are required to come to their sessions showered and clean, and full length t-shirts with sleeves and must be prepared to begin the workout immediately.
    3. Students will need to bring their phones or personal devices for their workouts with the VOLT App (red one) downloaded and students signed in to their personal accounts.
    4. Students will use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit.
    5. The following information will be recorded for each person who enters the building.  This information will be recorded by the adult responsible for the group of students.  
      1. Date of Entry into building
      2. Time of Entry into the building
    6. Each student will grab a clean towel and a spray bottle at the point of entry.  If the student uses any equipment, mat, or area, they must wipe that area down prior to the next person using that area or equipment.
    7. Students and coaches must bring their own personal water bottle to use with WATER ONLY.  NO PROTEIN DRINKS WILL BE ALLOWED.  These bottles are NOT to be shared. Water fountains are not to be used.
    8. Use of the locker rooms & restrooms are not allowed at this time.
    9. The radio will not be touched.
    10. Coaches are responsible for maintaining social distancing between students as much as possible.  This means additional spacing between players while performing a conditioning drill or lifting.
    11. Students will place all towels in the collection bag upon exit and sit their spray bottle on the table to be cleaned prior to the next session.
    12. Towels will be laundered daily and ready for use the following day.
    13.  Students will exit from the exterior doors of the North Gym and walk the perimeter of the North Gym to their vehicles where they will be asked to leave immediately.


    The weight room is not open for public use at this time.


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  • Summer Lunch Announcement

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  • PowerSchool Home Link

    Parents and students can check grades and attendance for students through PowerSchool. Use the link below to sign up and activate your account. Parents may need to stop in the office to link students to their accounts.







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  • Elementary Awards Presentation


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  • Virtual Banquet


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